A re-definition of your address book for managing and sharing your contact with people you meet.

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One Profile

Create a profile that links all your contact information including your social networks identities.

New Connections

Grow your contacts easily by sharing your ContactlyID or invite from other networks.

Be Updated

Always stay up-to-date of changes in your contacts from phone no, to social networks.

Cloud Safe

Never lose your contacts. Get all your contacts back when you lose or upgrade your phone!.

Quick Start

Get your personal ContactlyID and update your contact information.

Share your ContactlyID

Give people your ContactlyID when you meeet them. You can also add it to your email signature, tweet it or share it on any social network of your choice.

Build your address book.

Connect with people and businesses from your mobile. Build your personal address book, that is always up-to-date and easily accessible.

Stay Tuned. Anywhere. Anytime.


Access your contacts from the web

So you are presently without your mobile phones and you want to send that SMS, make that skype call or even email that contact. You can simply login to Contactly from your browser and access the list of contacts you have added.

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