How it Works

How Contactly Works

Create a Group

Group administrators sign up on Contactly , using the signup form. Once logged in, you can then create your group directory.

An administrator can create more than one group directory for the groups that he represent.

Upload Contacts

As a group administrator, you can begin managing your group by uploading your members contact list into Contactly. We currently support uploading from a csv file. More importing options will be added soon.

Additionally, you can add photos, create events, setup membership fees, send sms/emails etc for each group directory directory you manage.

Synchronize to Mobile

Group members can download the Contactly mobile app for their respective device platform. With a unique key and password sent to each member, they can synchonize an entire group contact directory into their mobile phones.

Members can switch between directories, contact individual members, pay dues, view upcoming events, share photos, etc.